Watching Wildlife Around the World

はてなブックマーク - Watching Wildlife Around the World
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Have you had many chances to see wildlife? What wild animals have you seen…
OUTSIDE of a zoo or safari park in Japan? Many people might answer that they have seen a monkey at an onsen, a “tanuki” in the woods, or a fox when they were on vacation in Hokkaido. 


It is tragic for a powerful tiger to be caged (India)

Some who have traveled overseas will say that they have seen dolphins in the lagoon at their hotel or that they held a koala for a photograph.

There is a world of “really wild” wildlife experiences waiting for you, if you are interested. Can you imagine yourself on elephant-back in the jungles of Nepal, tracking the one-horned rhino and elusive Bengal tiger in the early morning mist? How do you like the thought of canoeing at night through narrow rivers in the Amazon looking for reflection in the eyes of caiman reptiles in the water? Would you like to see white polar bears playfully fighting on the Canadian arctic ice right in front of you? How about watching the Great Leatherback Turtle come from the sea onto the beach to lay her eggs under the moonlight on the east coast of Malaysia?

There are endless wildlife watching opportunities available to you. Why not:

  • take a ship to Ogasawara Islands to see migrating whales raise their young?
  • camel trek in the desert of Rajasthan, India or on Noosa Beach in Australia, or across the Gobi Desert in Mongolia?
  • join a small birdwatching group to Noto Hanto?
  • go on a cattle roundup on horseback in Colorado, USA?
  • sail to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador to see unique giant tortoises and iguanas?
  • stay at an Athabasca Indian camp on the Koyukuk River in Alaska where live moose, caribou, wolves, otters, beaver, hawks and eagles?
  • trek through the rain forests of Uganda in search of the mountain gorilla?